One for One – Every SoHo Business Should Get A Flag!

Having SoHo pride means appreciating all the facets of what makes this neighborhood thrive.  I have been hearing from many local businesses their landlords don’t allow them to place a flag outside of their store!

soho 3

I think the Community Board, SoHo Broadway BID and local organizations should all come together and all landlords should be required to allow flags if your business falls within the SoHo Historic District!

There are many reasons flags are important to the culture of the neighborhood:

1.  There is no neighborhood directory, so the easiest way to determine what stores are on each street is to see the flag waving.

2.  It increases the availability of information for stores so foot traffic on side streets would increase

3.  They are pretty

4.  Since some buildings are landmarked, a flag is the only way for signage on the store

What do you think of the flags in SoHo?

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