SoHo’s Newest Neighbor – The “Soho Ho” From HATE creative

I met Hila from HATE creative after hosting breakfast at Thompson Chemists last year:


Hila grew up in SoHo and has a strong background in film.  Hila and her friend/colleague Tate created a non-profit collaborative and creative brand and produce live art shows and videos with their company HATE creative.  Their goal is to promote kindness, generosity, creativity and community and they do this via their Instagram and their YouTube Channel.  The web series that is most interesting (and hysterical) is called the “Soho Ho”.

Hila dresses up and creates dialogue with residents and tourists in the neighborhood in some of SoHo’s most popular spots.  Its quite entertaining that she doesn’t get caught in places like Prada and Chobani.  Hila is able to get people out of their comfort zone and creates community in the neighborhood.

Hila’s first webisode is “Prada” and the second webisode is “Sex Tapes“.  Here are some screenshots:

Interview.00_00_24_16.Still001Sex Tapes Cut.00_00_43_09.Still001Sex Tapes Cut.00_00_17_09.Still002

The third is in Chobani:

Chobanifinal FINAL.00_03_03_18.Still001

An unpublished episode is outside of Balthazar and another upcoming one takes place in Steve Madden.


You should all check out this series – what I really like is that Hila gets away with her character in a neighborhood where her character doesn’t necessarily fit in.  While SoHo used to be a red light district in the 70’s and 80’s, it is far from that today.