The SoHo Memory Project – Finally Met Yukie Ohta!

I was fortunate enough to meet Yukie Ohta from the SoHo Memory Project this morning! {Checked that one off my goals list!}

better photo

I’ve been following Yukie for a few years and got her blogs on a somewhat regular basis.  Similar to Soho Strut, Yukie started documenting her memories for SoHo as a blog.  Each post contained artifacts about her childhood, including places that she remembered such as restaurants and factories.  Here is a photo off her website taken outside of “Crosby Lunch”, one of the places her mother took her for grilled cheese sandwiches as a child.  Crosby Lunch is currently Back Forty West, a farm-to-table restaurant!


We spoke about Yukies upcoming plans to launch a historical society on the SoHo community during the late-1960’s through the early-1980’s.  Her goal is to create:

a record of the lost community comprised of myriad memories and experiences

Some of the historical artifacts include frequent smells that filled the streets and photo slideshows:

smells photos soho memory

The NY Times wrote about Yukies four and a half year journey and current mission to memorialize SoHo by creating a traveling museum through help from a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Yukie is slowly becoming the spokesperson for the “Old School SoHo” and sees me as a spokesperson for the “New School SoHo”.  Look forward to more information about the progress on her project!