Temporary Relocation For The Montessori Of SoHo Fall 2014

The construction project at 73-75 Sullivan Street has been taking forever!  There will eventually be an 8-story condo building with a Montessori preschool on the first three floors.  The Montessori was expected to be open for Fall 2014, however, there is a temporary relocation for the Montessori of SoHo for Fall 2014 in Tribeca.

The project started in the middle of 2013 and hasn’t seen much change over the year.  Look at some of the recent pictures:

73-75 Sullivan Ditch 1

73-75 Sullivan Ditch

It is still a pile of dirt.  Every morning I pass the project and the same trucks are parked in the lot, scooping up and moving around the same dirt.  It looks exactly the same as it did in July 2013!

DNAinfo.com wrote about the SoHo Montesorri in October 2013:

A Montessori preschool opening in SoHo next fall will have a terrace playground that will filter light down into the classrooms below.  SoHo Montessori, at 75 Sullivan St., will serve 185 children ages 2 to 5 years old.

Living in the neighborhood, I was a little hesitant that there would actually be a building by Fall 2014.  After looking at the Montessori of SoHo website, I was correct…they have found a temporary space in Tribeca on N. Moore Street:

We are happy to announce that our efforts to find a temporary space in the neighborhood have been successful! School will begin as planned on September 15th at Tribeca Community School located at 27 N. Moore Street.

With the rate that this construction project is going, I almost doubt that the building will be ready for Fall 2015 school year!

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