Launch of the Soho Strut Event Page!

Hey everyone!  I recently experimented adding an event page to my website.  I’ve added a few events in selected categories, but am eager to start utilizing my network of businesses in SoHo where they can submit their own events through an “event submission form”.

Event page

While I figure out how to add this under the “Event” page on my site, hopefully businesses will start using this form and we can build-out different types of events:

  • Anniversary Events
  • Art Event
  • Beauty Events
  • Childrens Events
  • Fitness Events
  • Networking Event
  • Pop-Up Event / Outside of SoHo

Here is the form:


Do you know of any events in SoHo that you would like to have posted on Soho Strut?  Make sure to use the event form or email me at