Photography & Glass Installation – Soho Salon #2 With Joan Luciano & Michelle Cooke

November 18th was our second Soho Salon which featured photographer Joan Luciano and glass installation artist Michelle Cooke.  Check out more photos here

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We had around 40 attendees and are planning to take a brief break for the Holidays.  The Salon Series will resume early in 2016.  Some of the salon topics under consideration are:
  • Paul Kowalchuk showing/discussing his collection of paintings by the late Stanley Twardowicz (
  • Paul Carluccio showing/discussing his Manhattan Manhole paintings and a related documentary film (
  • Joni Scully showing/discussing her iconic cityscape, still life, portrait, figure drawings, paintings and prints (
While we are finalizing the 2016 line-up, please let us know if there are any interesting topics or people that you would like to hear from or know more about!
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