‘Soho Stories’ Oral History Project Is About To Begin!

Did you know the New York Public Library (NYPL) is working with the Soho Memory Project to create an oral history series on life in Soho during the 1960’s and 1970’s?


On Monday from 6-7:30 volunteers will be meeting at the Mulberry Street Library (10 Jersey Street) for a NYPL community oral history orientation session.  The orientation will talk about the project, the oral history interview and how to interview.  For more information, go to oralhistory.nypl.org

This training session is going to be filmed by Fred Wiseman for an upcoming documentary on the NYPL!

I look forward to interviewing many of the old school Soho residents to learn more about the foundation blocks that were set to build the community that is current-day Soho.  Thanks to the SMP for the cover photo of the candy factory and below for a photo of the bake sales on West Broadway from the 1970’s.  You learn something new every day!