Soho Strut Interviews: Alyssa Alimurung – Marketing Coordinator, 6sqft

When rumor broke about Kirsten Dunst’s apartment, the first news source I learned it from was from 6sqft.  6sqft is a real estate, architecture, and neighborhood news source based out of New York City and headquartered in Chelsea.  6sqft was founded in May 2014 and the parent company (re: publisher) is CityRealty.

City Realty

6sqft is establishing themself as an expert on NYC real estate, I wanted to learn more about their expertise in SoHo and interviewed one of the editors Alyssa!  Alyssa is originally from upstate New York, is a proud cat-lady, and day dreams about owning her own vintage store with a make-your-own taco bar.  {who doesn’t love high-quality clothes and tacos}.    Read more to learn how Alyssa Soho Struts!

SS:  How long have you been working for 6sqft and where were you before?

I’m about to hit my 3 months here at 6sqft. The site is fairly new, only about 5 months, so it’s amazing to see it grow and thrive. Before this, I was at a website that writes about sustainable architecture and design.

SS:  6sqft is all about real estate, when did you first become interested and what has been your favorite article posted on the site?

Like every young struggling New Yorker I love looking at the listings in the windows of realty offices. Motivates me to hustle harder! But in all seriousness, I never really got into real estate per se until I started my job here at 6sqft. It’s been a great experience learning about real estate trends and how New Yorkers “shop” for a place to live.

I actually have two favorite posts. The first is an interview with architect Piet Boon. When I read his interview, he seemed so friendly and humble. His designs are beyond beautiful. I hope I can live in one of his buildings one day. The way he’s able to create such tranquil dwellings with the chaotic city as a backdrop is incredible.

The second is another interview with architect Drew Lang. He built a private eco-village, Hudson Woods, upstate in the Catskills. When I saw photos of the completed development, I fell in love. Lang Architecture really did an awesome job using locally-sourced materials and independent designers to furnish the homes. I also love the architectural upgrades that you’re able to get with your home, from a pool to a fruit tree grove. Pretty much sounds like a dream come true.

SS:  Since Soho Strut is a neighborhood blog, what are your top restaurants, stores and things to see when you’re in soho?

I like going to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, catching a film at the Angelika, touching everything in sight at the MoMA Design Store and Muji, reveling in the architectural beauty of the old bank on Spring that is now a Duane Reade (what a buzzkill!).

Duane Reade Ephemeral New York

SS:  If you were hosting friends over a weekend and taking them to soho, what would a typical day look like?

Coffee and pastries at Everyman Espresso, shopping at Alexis Bittar Jewelry, Amacord Vintage Fashion and In God We Trust, snacking our way through Van Leeuwan Ice Cream, Dos Caminos (guac paradise!) and Baked by Melissa (best cupcakes in the city. Don’t even get me started), dropping into Atrium to check out the Kith kicks, getting creeped out by the cool stuff in The Evolution Store, listening to some jazz music while dinner at Antique Garage then ending the night with drinks at Mister H in the Mondrian Soho Hotel.

Antique Garage

SS:  When’s the last time you were in Soho and what did you do there?

I don’t remember exactly the last time I was in Soho but I’m pretty sure I either got a facial at SkinCareLab with Romanka (she’s the best. No, really, she is) or took a barre class at The Bar Method. Take a class with Jonette, Amanda or Danielle – they’ll kick your butt and you’ll be happy about it.

Be sure to check out 6sqft online!  They have been on-top of their game spotting real estate listings in SoHo and doing the down-and-dirty work to find out all the details that us real estate enthusiasts love!