BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Soho Strut Will Be Creating The 2017 Soho/Nolita Guide!

You heard it from us first!

Soho Strut was notified that a long-standing Soho-based non-profit ACE Programs For The Homeless was moving out of Soho/Nolita and discontinuing their very popular Guide To Soho & Nolita.

We knew how popular the guide was without needing to ask!  Every tourist walking along Prince & Spring Streets use it to explore Soho & Nolita! (here is a photo taken today):


We are going to enhance ACE’s map which is the BEST map.

Here are the things we are keeping the same:

  • The size and folds!  Its a 24 inch high by 18 inch wide map with one fold lengthwise and 5 folds width wise
  • The distribution list – ACE distributed the maps to all businesses who sponsored advertisements in the map in addition to every hotel!
  • Every sponsorship will be tax deductible and businesses will receive a receipt with a tax ID

Here are things we are changing:

  • The front will not have an index but the map will have more businesses
  • There will be a “Soho Strut recommends” section with our favorite Art Galleries, Restaurants and Retail Stores – this will be a paid sponsorship
  • Soho Strut will use funds raised to re-launch a business portal for managers and business owners in Soho to post events, discounts/promotions, job openings and communicate with one another!

Since Soho, NYC is such a tourist destination, there are many other maps in circulation but they are either way too big to unfold, the map is too zoomed out to actually find anything, or the companies included in the map aren’t great.

Soho Strut is excited to carrying the torch of providing 100,000 tourists with a guide of where to go in the neighborhood!

If your business is in Soho and you would like to hear more about advertising rates, please reach out to!