Third Day Of Filming “How Do You SoHo Strut?” Video!

July 23rd marked the third day of filming the “How Do You SoHo Strut?” video!  We only have one more strutter left – Dominique Ansel!

Soho Strut Dominique Ansel

You can read more about the first and second days of strutting – we filmed 37 business owners/managers walking across their storefronts over two days!

I left work and ran to our first stop at 5:45PM sharp:  Osteria Morini.  We interviewed the General Manager Phillip. Mouths were watering after learning Osteria Morini has a Wednesday night special 120-day dry-aged 32-ounce tomahawk steak for $115.  Yum.

After the interview, we recorded 10 more struts.  While my original goal was 20-30, we now have 47 “strutters” and by the end should have 48, just shy of 50.

We also recorded three more interviews last night:  Strengthen Lengthen Tone (SLT), Bite Beauty Lip Lab, and Eva Shaw Designs. After two hours of running around SoHo, I met up with my friends for a belated birthday at Tartinery!

Soho Strut at Tartinery Soho2.jpeg

We had a quinoa salad with lobster, watermelon, and edamame as well as a steak tartare and blue cheese & walnut tartines.  For the entire menu, click here (although it doesn’t seem to be updated) Blue Cheese and Walnut Tartine Steak Tartare Tartine

We finished with a birthday treat: their “Fondant Au Chocolat” which takes 10 minutes to prepare.  I wish we would have ordered two!

Have you been to Tartinery?  I would love to hear about it on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at [GARD]