Soho Strut’s First “Hate Mail”

We have been on a mission to create community programming in SoHo and connect people who live, work and love SoHo.  In 2015, we are building out community programming with, Art Strut.

However, it seems that there are certain people who are not interested in building community in SoHo and Nolita!  We received our first “Hate Mail” (you know you’ve made it when you receive hate mail!)

Hope this post finds you laughing as much as we did!

What an absolutely awful, useless blog you have.

First, you misspell SoHo.

Second, you do not live in SoHo if you are located on Sullivan St. (sorry, good try; no cigar). If you live on Sullivan, you live in a tenement. If you live in SoHo, you live in a loft or luxe building.

Third, trying to capitalize on others’ neighborhood is really pathetic.

Fourth, you are not the first SoHo blog. There are several others.

Fifth, Let me guess. You have been here less than 5 years, arrived from some fly-over state, and get a boost from a trust fund. Oh, yes. You are decidedly middle class and clueless.

Sixth, SoHo is hip and trendy. You are venal, commercial and obnoxious.

Seventh, “strut” is a good thing? Really? And change that terrible photo. You are not all that.

Eighth, Do us all a favor. Meet a mate, get married, and move back to the suburbs where your ilk belong.