Soho Strut’s Holiday Gift Guide

I want to start off with a short, but important story. One Hallows Eve not too long ago I was dancing at a bar with a close friend of mine in our (probably embarrassing) Halloween costumes. I distinctly remember that the moment the clock struck midnight sending us from October 31st to November 1st, the bar starting playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. 

This scenario might be the perfect example of how a majority of people feel the moment November arrives. Forget Thanksgiving, send me straight to the Holidays, am I right or am I right? 

This being said, I’m here to prepare you for November 1st. The day where it becomes *semi* acceptable to begin your Holiday shopping. Without further adieu, I present to you a Soho Holiday Gift Guide:



We all know someone (usually an aunt) who just loves to clean. Or maybe they don’t love to clean but everything is always nice and tidy at their house. It’s not like your about to gift them a tide-to-go stick or Downy Fabric softener. That’s where The Laundress comes in to save the day! Creating by two boss-babes, The Laundress sells their own line of nontoxic laundry and home cleaning products made to work some kind of sorcery on specific fabrics or surfaces. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Spring Cleaning Kit – $78.50
  • Wool & Cashmere kit – $58.80 (sweater weather baby!)
  • Everyday Laundry Starter Kit – $71.50 



I feel like every year at least 3 of my friends tell me: “My New Years Resolution is to, like, journal more. Ya know, like write about my feelings and stuff.” Now you can be the token friend who gifts your friends the cutest notebooks and writing instruments. 

First things first, McNally Jackson’s Goods for the Study is separated into two separate spaces, which I’m going to call “Things to Write On” and “Things to Write With”.


Things to Write On: All the notebooks, paper products, calendars, journals, pocketbooks, etc. that a person could ever want. Oh and they’re cute; but not in an annoying “look at my neon, light-up, rainbow” notebook but more in a “maybe I’m a poet or maybe I’m not” notebook. 


Things to Write With: There are so many writing utensils in every color you’ve heard of or haven’t heard of. They have (drum roll please): pencils, felt tip pens, brush pens, lead holder pencils, mechanical pencils, ball point pencils, rollerball pens, fountain pens, just to name few. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • 2018 Planner – $25* 
  • 1 pencil + 1 pen of choice – $15*

*prices may vary



If you walk out of McNally Jackson’s Goods for the Study “Things to Write With” and turn right, then walk about 200 feet you’ll hit Prince St. and boom! You’ll have arrived at McNally Jackson’s bookstore. In case the name doesn’t say it all, the store is filled with books of all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

There are books about fashion, art writing, graphic design, Brit-lit, memoirs, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. I couldn’t help but pick up a book when I walked in because my New Year’s Resolution was to read more books. Side bar: To this date, I have only read 2 books in 2017 so that resolution is going well. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and Her Flowers – $10*
  • For the boss-babe little girls out there, Courage by Bernard Waber – $10*

*prices may vary



I wasn’t quite sure what I walked into when I walked into WhiteWall. I thought I might be at an art gallery, in which case I should probably skirt out because I know negative-info about art. However, WhiteWall is meant for people just like me! And you too, don’t pretend to be an art snob.

If you want to gift a family photo or an embarrassing (but cute!) photo of your friends, WhiteWall will take your personal photo and print it under acrylic glass or on aluminum dibond (I don’t know what that means either, look it up.)

Because I know you didn’t look it up, I just did it for you and here’s what the aluminum dibond option means: Your photo would be mounted without glazing, while also being sturdy and light and has special UV protection. Whether you choose the acrylic glass or aluminum dibond, you can have your picture be glossy or matte.

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Gift Box 11” x 8.3” – $54.95 
  • Gift Box 15.7” x 11.8” – $79.9


Iconic Magazines 

Okay, trust me on this one. Iconic Magazines might look like a sketch corner store, but they have all the coolest magazine for all the coolest kids in town. If your looking for a gift for your hype-beast nephew, or one for your design-centric daughter, there will be a magazine just for them! They carry your usual Vogue and GQ but the best part is their selection of speciality magazines ranging from art, fashion, travel, pets, female empowerment, anything you can think of they probably have it. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • For your sneaker head nephew, HypeBeast Magazine Issue 19 – $20
  • For your design/aesthetic loving friend, ToiletPaper Magazine – $15
  • For everyone else, Kinfolk Magazine Issue 25 – $18


Good Goods

Talk about a one-stop shop. Good Goods just recently opened on Prince St, and is a space full spaces where you can find just about any gift for anyone. The store is made up of “stations” from different makers, business owners, brands, shopkeepers and startups that are all committed to the same values. Their products are created to tell stories, whether that be about the sources or the processes of how something is made, or about the idea of connecting and cultivating a culture around mindful shopping. 


What I love most about Good Goods is that the primary purpose of the shop is to embrace the small-batch, the limited editions, and the one-of-a-kind products that tell stories of their own. So if your looking for a special gift that you know no-one else will give, head to Good Goods and see why their goods are … good. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Ceibo purse: $80
  • Biggie’s Crack Toffee: $8.99 each so buy all the flavors!!!


The Tea Shoppe

Enough of this “But first, coffee” stuff I keep hearing and seeing on cheesy t-shirts and sweatshirts everywhere. What about the special delicacy and sophistication that comes with drinking tea? There’s so many flavors and options and it’s super simple to make, so that also means it’s super simple to gift! 


The Tea Shoppe on Mulberry feels a little like your grandma’s house, full of (tea) trinkets and a strange mix of decorating styles. However, they have so. many. tea. flavors. Not to mention a lot of cute mugs and tea pots! 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Literally any tea that tickles your fancy: $5-$25
  • Maybe a mug too? $10-$20


Julia Testa Flower Shop

I know bright flowers usually scream spring/summer vibes, but here me out with this one. If you’re anything like my mom you love bringing a bright bouquet of flowers to the host/hostess of whatever event you might be going to. When the Holidays roll around I know it might feel odd gifting a bright pink flower arrangement, however, Julia Testa’s flower shop on Thompson street has a rather large selection of Holiday inspired flower pieces for all you Holiday dinner party needs.

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Jolly Charm arrangement – $64-$89
  • Festive Fifth Ave arrangement – $84 


MoMA Design Store

Similar to Good Goods, the MoMA Design Store has a little bit of a whole lot’a’bit of things. They’ve got art, kitchen wear, gizmos and gadgets (for kids AND adults!), jewelry, clocks, furniture; the list is endless. It all has a distinct modern design feel to it, after all MoMA = Museum of Modern Art, duh. 



I had a lot of fun roaming around and ended up in the children’s section for probably too long of a time… anyway I could probably spend hours looking at everything, so prepare to spend a little time browsing for just the right trendy spatula for your mom. 

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • Mini Time Box Clock Speaker – $50
  • This Book Is A Planetarium – $40


BITE Lip Lab

Everyday my mind is blown at the gosh darn coolest things about New York City, like BITE Lip Lab for example. A place where you can go and customize your own lipstick. Like what?! 

This is more of a gift “experience” rather than a physical gift. The Lip Lab is intended to help you find the right color of lipstick for your skin tone, while also allowing you to express your personality with what colors and shades you prefer. Since the experience is highly customizable per person, I suggest gifting a friend a session and then gifting yourself one too so that you can go together! So flirty, so fun. 

P.S. They can even add a scent to the lipstick! Again, like what?!

Under $100 Gift Picks:

  • 2 Custom Lipsticks – $80

Alright, my friends, I’ve just given you 10 places in Soho to find special gifts under $100. Now it’s your turn to take it from here and find the best gifts your friends and family have ever seen in their ENTIRE lives. No pressure.