Take Yourself On A One Hour Soho Walking Tour!

Yukie Ohta, the founder of the Soho Memory Project (and contributor to our Soho Neighborhood Guide!) announced an audio walking tour of SoHo she recently recorded. Read more below!
Detour SoHo
SoHo: Artists in Residence”  is a tour of SoHo that I narrate and that also includes the voices of Roslyn Bernstein, Susan Brundage, Ken Hiratsuka, Brett Littman, Robert Morris, Barbara Rose, and Shael Shapiro.
On one-hour tour takes you through the streets of SoHo while I point out little-known historical sites that are “hidden” in plain sight. I also tell personal anecdotes about what it was like to grow up in artists’ SoHo. Listen to the preview here.
This tour can be purchased through Detour for $4.99 by downloading their app onto a smartphone. The tour is GPS triggered, meaning you will not hear the narration unless you actually walk the tour. If you are taking the tour as a group, the tour only has to be purchased once and everyone in the group will be able to follow it.
The SoHo: Artists in Residence tour will appeal to old-timers and newcomers alike. If you have an hour to spare, please take this tour and please tell your friends!

PS If you’re interested in exploring New York City further, Detour has many other tours including Ken Burn’s Brooklyn Bridgeand The Bronx: The Birth of Hip Hop with Jazzy Z and Afrika Bambaataa, among others.