SOHOstrut – A Mix of So·Ho [soh-hoh] And Strut [struht]

SOHOstrut – A Mix of So·Ho [soh-hoh] And Strut [struht]

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I created SOHOstrut to share experiences within the community of Soho, NY0 from a local perspective.  I never realized how much I would love to blog about Soho, but it has been an amazing experience so far.  

Living in Soho since September 2010, I have loved learning about my ‘hood and sharing about it to my friends.  First living in a 200 square foot apartment, I was NEVER in.  I was able to explore and develop relationships with the local business owners and residents.  

I share my favorite places to eat, shop, get my nails done, apartments and history of this very popular neighborhood.  I even created a Soho Map that will list out all the businesses I’ve written about and relevant articles.  I want to make you feel like you can “strut” around Soho, whether you are a tourist a resident.

I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.