Strutting down the “Grand” Catwalk – Linda Mason

“Only in New York can you walk down the street and get your makeup done by one of the greatest minds ever to shape the visual landscape of fashion.  Its like getting a foot massage from Christian Louboutin” said David Dumas, of FASHIONFILMFACTORY.  

Over the past 15 years, Linda Mason has been operating her makeup and art studio, “The Art of Beauty” off of 6th avenue and Grand Street in Soho.  Linda represents all things color and all things beauty:  she is a world-class trained makeup artist, publisher of several beauty books, (including “The Art of Beauty”), is an artist with the showroom on-site, and provides makeup application & makeup classes.  She is also an entrepreneur, an advocate for historic preservation, mother (to Daisy who also works at the store), grandmother and wife.  In short, she is one busy woman!

"Sadie" Painting

“Sadie” Painting

Linda started her career in the fashion and beauty industry in Paris in the late 1960’s after training with the Chief Makeup Artist of Lancôme and moved to Soho in the 1980’s.  Her first store on 26 Grand Street has been open for 15 years.  Five years ago, she took the adjacent studio which was a Creperie, 28 Grand.  26 Grand is currently being used as her Art Gallery and 28 Grand houses her makeup, print screening, and classes ranging from personal application to an intensive 7-week course.   You can still see traces of the Creperie (such as the serving area) which have been incorporated into the design.

Intensive Course 2012

Intensive Course 2012

Rave reviews all around from Yelp to NYMag, to the NY Times, Sohostrut discovered Linda through word of mouth as “the most important person to meet” in Soho.

Linda’s team consists of Thalita, a makeup artist who has been apprenticing Linda for the past 7 years, starting at the age of 14.  She is half Brazilian (mom’s side) and in addition to professional make-up application, she is also a model.  There is also Linley, a summer intern, who is extremely helpful with the social media aspects of the business.  Linda’s daughter Daisy also works in the studio.  A make-up application starts at $125 and personalized make-up lessons start at $175.

Team - Thalita and Linley

Team – Thalita and Linley in the Studio

Start your weekend outing in Soho getting mini-makeovers before brunch!

Address: 26 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Phone:(212) 625-0490

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10:30am – 6:30pm, Closed Sunday