Sunday Open House Round-Up

We went to two new SoHo listings this past weekend!  Both listings were on Broadway, which is known to be a block with high foot traffic (and large floor-plans).  The first listing was at 561 Broadway, #11A and the second listing was at 510 Broadway, #2.

561 Broadway:

Walking into the lobby of 561 Broadway, it felt like a mixed-use building (where both businesses and residents cohabitate).  We took the elevator to the 11th floor, and walked down the hallway to the unit.  When the broker’s opened the door, the eastern facing views were breathtaking (definitely the best view to date of the east side!)

561 Broadway 1

561 Broadway, unit #11A is listed at 2,300 square feet for $6.25M ($2,717 per square foot).  It is a co-op with maintenance of $5,266 per month (pretty high since its over $2 per square foot).  The unit is listed as a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit, but only one of the bedrooms has a window.

561 Broadway Floorplan

From the bathrooms to the kitchen and the unique built-in closet space, this apartment was perfection!

561 Broadway 2561 Broadway Kitchen561 Broadway

Summary:  We wouldn’t change one thing (except maybe the price)!  This apartment, while very steep at $6.25M, is a masterpiece for the neighborhood.

510 Broadway

The entrance to 510 Broadway was a stairwell and keyed elevator (aka minimal).  The building is a 5-unit co-op built in 1890.  The unit is on the second floor and has windows on both ends of the unit.

510 Broadway

510 Broadway, unit #2 does not have the square footage listed, however, our guess is a little shy of 2,200 square feet (22 feet by 100 feet, less the space for the stairwell and elevator) listed at $2.695M ($1,225 per square foot) .  It is a co-op with maintenance of $1,350 per month (very good at $.59 per square foot).  We also learned the co-op does not own the retail space (which would be the most ideal).

510 Broadway Entry

The space is currently configured as a studio space with 2 bathrooms (each bathroom is on top of one another).  This apartment is configured with a loft space up-top with a bedroom area and bathroom, a front living space and back kitchen area.

510 Broadway Floor Plan

Summary:  We saw a similarly sized apartment in early October at 123 Prince that was priced $550K higher and in much worse shape and higher maintenance by $1,600 per month.  While the apartment was on Broadway, we were shocked how quiet it was on the 2nd floor!

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