Review: Ruby’s Cafe

Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of Australian cafes around the city? I have and I’m not mad about it, whatsoever. Lucky for all us Soho-ers there’s an amazing one right on Mulberry St. called Ruby’s Cafe. Ruby’s has floor to ceiling windows facing the sidewalk and in the summer they open them for […]

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Review: Chefs Club Counter / Chef Alvin Cailan

Hey (egg)sluts! The chef behind the wildly successful restaurant, Eggslut, has created an all-day breakfast menu for Chefs Club Counter on 62 Spring St. This new menu is being released as a sneak-peak for Chef Alvin Cailan’s newest concept, Paper Planes. Since I have a patience problem, I love trying new foods before they happen elsewhere. In this […]

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“Goat-ober” Starting Tomorrow and Participating Soho Restaurants

Last year, the NYTimes published an article about Goat-ober, which is part of a larger project spearheaded by Heritage Foods called “No Goat Left Behind”.  Heritage Foods has an advisory board (headed by Mario Batali), and is committed to promoting more sustainable meat and their distributors. Why is Goat more sustainable than Cow?  Goats are browsers, rather than […]

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