TIME OUT (1973) and the premiere of TANDEM (2018) choreographed by Douglas Dunn at Douglas Dunn Studio April 2,3,4,5,6,7 & April 23,24,25,26,27,28 Doors open at 7:00 – Curtain at 8:00 All shows at DD+D Studio: 541 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NY, NY, 10012. Seating Limited. Tickets are $15 and are available at: All […]

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Review: The Sosta

Calling all my Mamma Mias and my Papa Pias, there’s a new fast-casual Italian restaurant in Soho. Sitting at the corner of Mott St. and Kenmare St., The Sosta is dripping in millennial pink and on-trend with a neon sign reading, “Mangiano, Baby!” (Italian for “eat!”). Aside from the aesthetically pleasing décor, The Sosta is […]

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Attention: Coucou French Language Classes in Soho!

Bonjour mes amis! Coucou kindly invited me to join in on one of their French language classes and I have suddenly become ~cultured~ and way cooler ever since. There’s just something about the French language that makes a person instantly more appealing, am I right or am I right? I have not only lived in […]

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Review: Ruby’s Cafe

Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of Australian cafes around the city? I have and I’m not mad about it, whatsoever. Lucky for all us Soho-ers there’s an amazing one right on Mulberry St. called Ruby’s Cafe. Ruby’s has floor to ceiling windows facing the sidewalk and in the summer they open them for […]

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Review: Chefs Club Counter / Chef Alvin Cailan

Hey (egg)sluts! The chef behind the wildly successful restaurant, Eggslut, has created an all-day breakfast menu for Chefs Club Counter on 62 Spring St. This new menu is being released as a sneak-peak for Chef Alvin Cailan’s newest concept, Paper Planes. Since I have a patience problem, I love trying new foods before they happen elsewhere. In this […]

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Attention: rag & bone 30% Off Sale!

All those who like rag & bone raise their hands! Everyone’s hands should be raised because have you seen their clothes right now? A quick stop in their Mercer St. store or an I’m-bored-at-work click through their website and you’ll see that their current selection is on point. On Tuesday June 20th, rag & bone is adding […]

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June 2014 Soho Strut Newsletter

Its officially been a year since I registered as a domain name.  Over the past year, I can successfully say that my goal of becoming a Soho neighborhood expert has been attained.  I reached 200 posts in one year!  {Any blogger would be impressed} Over this next year, my goal is to leverage the relationships I’ve […]

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Happy Holidays From The Judd Museum – A Year In Review

I wrote about my first visit to the Judd Museum at 101 Spring Street in Soho on September 26, 2013 here.  Donald Judd lived from 1928-1994 and was an American artist associated with minimalism.  During his career, Donald Judd moved from figurative to increasingly abstract imagery.  This evolved to large-scaled constructions which he called, “permanent […]

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Buildings That Come in Threes

Walking down the street’s of Soho, and several neighborhoods in NYC (Greenwich Village, East/West Village and the Lower East Side), walk-up buildings, known as tenements, line the streets.  After the grid system was established in 1811, lots of land were divided into 25 feet wide by 100 feed deep lots.  If you’re walking in Soho, there are several […]

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