Dogs of Soho – Bruno

Name: Bruno (French Bulldog) Occupation: Mascot for Village Tailor and Vince’s Cobbler Shop at 125 Sullivan Street.  Bruno has met several celebrities who get their clothing tailored at the Village Tailor.  Don’t miss the “celebrity” wall near the register. Birthday / Age: Bruno is one and a half years old.   Favorite Snack: Bruno isn’t picky…he […]

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Dogs of Soho – Spot

Name: Spot (French Bulldog) Occupation: Mascot for Westwood Capital (a boutique investment bank where his mom works), and canine partner in, where he helps kids overcome learning anxieties. Birthday / Age: Spot just celebrated his 3rd birthday on August 2!  This is 21 in people years, so he spent his birthday enjoying his favorite cocktail legally – a […]

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