Lookout For These 5 Retail Flagships Opening Soon In SoHo!

After Athleta announced its opening on Wednesday, I started to think about all the retail stores that are about to launch!  This includes: Ray Ban, Nespresso, Sonos, and Arc’teryx.


Athleta Storefront


Athleta E-Mail Announcement

Wooster Street has had its fair share of change this year when Barney’s pulled out, Patagonia moved down to Greene Street and Piperlime Closed

Wooster street is turning over – Ray Ban decided to lease out the old Barney’s space at 116 Wooster Street and is opening their flagship in the upcoming months.


Ray Ban Storefront


Ray Ban Renovation

The Gap (Piperlime’s parent company) decided to open an Athleta brand at 121 Wooster and it is still unknown what will happen to Patagonia!

Nespresso closed their flagship on Prince Street for a renovation and moved to Wooster Street intermittently…but they just started work on Wednesday!


Arc’teryx decided to lease a space at 169 Spring.  This is on the West Side of West Broadway which is a tricky location because foot traffic dies down…

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Which store are you most excited about?  Email me at Danielle@sohostrut.com.