Why You Will Not Be Seeing Me At The Dutch…

I am just going to say it direct – The Dutch has no respect for their neighbors living in SoHo.

I used to go to The Dutch and each time I hoped to be treated like a neighbor – and each time I left feeling empty.

Over the past 2 years, they have:

  • Said “no” to strut in my “How Do You Soho Strut?” video
  • Quoted $3,000 to host a local get-together with residents in the neighborhood (ha!)
  • Refused to seat me in the empty bar area since I only wanted dessert
  • Refused to seat me in their empty restaurant because I didn’t have an RSVP
  • Never recognized me; even after I went around 20 times in 2 months a year and a half ago

The Dutch opened in 2011 when the economy was still weak.  Their space is around 20,000 square feet and is rumored to pay $20,000 per month in rent.  In 2015, their rent would probably be around $75,000 per month.

For a restaurant chain that is not suffering for money, I have to ask myself, why is this restaurant so un-neighborly?

In contrast, there are many other restaurants who do support locals – Dominique Ansel, Dos Caminos, Blue Ribbon, Osteria Morini, Chalk Point Kitchen, and Aquagrill.  Basically every restaurant in SoHo besides The Dutch.

While I thought it was partly due to their previous manager Jacque, who does PR, she recently left and her replacement is just as lousy.  Andrew Carmellini needs to re-vamp every manager in his restaurant and in corporate.

I will not be supporting The Dutch – and Andrew Carmellini…why are you hiring these lousy managers?