Why Retailer ‘Trademark’ At 95 Grand Will Die A Slow Death

When Trademark opened in October 2014, I stopped by to introduce myself.  I also invited their retail team to my first (and three subsequent) retail manager events.  They never attended or thanked me for reaching out to include them in the retail community here in SoHo.

The managers and staff were stuffy and unwelcoming.  The treatment was not what I would expect from a brand-new store on a street with very low foot traffic.  They were un-welcoming to locals (and perhaps, to everyone?) in October, but I hoped it would change.

The store itself is pretty typical for SoHo – a two-story space that measures 20-25 feet wide by 80-90 feet deep.


Photo from Trademark Website


Photo from Trademark Website

Sometimes when flagships open in SoHo, they automatically think having a 10012 zip code entitles them to foot traffic, high conversion and $$.

When I experienced their lack of community outreach, I put them into the category of “I’ll stop by a few more times over the next 6 months to see if their colors change.”

However, after stopping in a few more times over the past 6 months, I can honestly say it is still one of the most unwelcoming stores in the neighborhood.

The daughters Louisa and Pookie, “The Burch Sisters” won the retail lottery.  Their father is Chris Burch, AKA the founder of C. Wonder, investor in Tory Burch, and billionaire.

I can only imagine their conversations…”Daddy…please give us more money to fund Trademark…we keep losing money but you are a billionaire and can fund us into perpetuity!”

In October 2014, Trade-Mark opened at 95 Grand Street.  The NY Times wrote:

If the store’s stock is a little stern and monastic, who can blame Louisa and Pookie? Let’s not forget that “everybody in khakis” was also a time of the Starr Report, to be followed by two privileged sisters with a very different sensibility: the Hiltons.


Photo from Trademark Website

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Photo from Trademark Website

Maybe their boxy and unflattering clothing is desired by some, I am not a fashionista…

The only reason Trademark exists is because the Burch Sisters can continue to be funded by their father.  I predict in the next 2 years, the brand will close its doors.  Trademark will die a slow retail death due to their poor customer service, a bad location, and “stern and monastic” pieces.

What has your experience been of Trademark?  Reach out to me at Danielle@sohostrut.com!