Restaurants in Soho - Launch of Union Bar & Kitchen

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Restaurants in Soho – Launch of Union Bar & Kitchen TONIGHT!

Being the authority on all things Soho, I was invited to the soft opening of Union Bar & Kitchen, which is a “New American” themed restaurant featuring Mexican and Seafood influences.  Union Bar & Kitchen is located on Spring and Hudson Street in West Soho / Hudson Square.  Join Union Bar & Kitchen tonight, May 21, 2014 for their grand opening!

Union Bar

I was fortunate enough to bring along my friend Kate, who was the official photographer of the evening.  Thoroughly enjoying our stay, we were one of the last two there!

Union Bar and Kitchen Apres Dinner

The owner/chef Jonathan Renert took time to introduce himself to each table.  There are 64 seats at the restaurant (10 at the bar) so it is an intimate dining experience (as a reference point, Balthazar seats 180).

Union Bar and Kitchen With Jonathan Renert

Walking into the restaurant, you immediately notice the floor to ceiling windows.  There are also several art installations that were created by Clifford Bailey, a close friend of Jonathan’s.

Union Bar & KitchenUnion Bar and Kitchen

The restaurant is positioned to serve the design/publishing/PR/start-up crowd being open for lunch during the week.  The specialties are the Hamachi Tartare, Panko Fried Oysters and Rotisserie Chicken, which were all part of the tasting menu.

Union Bar and Kitchen Appetizers

Union Bar and Kitchen Entree

In addition to the specialties, we were also served Guacamole, Hanger Steak and sides of Creamed Spinach and Cauliflower Gratin.

Union Bar and Kitchen Entree1

Dessert consisted of a Peanut Butter Chimichanga and Ancho Brownie.

Union Bar and Kitchen Dessert

Dinner at Union Bar & Kitchen was a great experience and I will definitely be back when they are open in full swing. Maybe I’ll be able to figure out if the “Union” part of the name is inspired at all from the history of West Soho and the fishing piers.

Have you been to Union Bar & Kitchen?  Let me know via Facebook, Twitter or email me at!

[GARD]Union Bar & Kitchen

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