WIE: Women, Inspiration and Enterprise Event Recap

Soho Strut was in attendance at the WIE Symposium this past Friday, September 19th at the famed Puck Building in SoHo.  WIE is a global women’s leadership conference, and this years theme was, “It Takes Two”.

WIE Event

WIE Event

The goal was to address how different leadership styles can still get you great results, how to position your business for the new economy, and understanding male/female workplace power dynamics.  There were around 150 people in attendance, consisting of executives, entrepreneurs, and other women interested in leadership.

Some of my favorite discussions were:

  • The Sharing Economy

The new economy of sharing apartments (AirBNB), office space (WeWork), errands (Task Rabbit) are all start-ups that I’ve used and one of the speakers was Ken Parks, the CCO / Managing Director of Spotify.

  • The Ripple Effect:  How Do We Pass Down Our Feelings Of Confidence

Confidence is a very important topic personally as Soho Strut continues to grow.  One of the speakers was Zosia Mamet from Girls and the panel was very heated in different parts.  It was empowering to experience four women confident enough to speak about current issues on women’s confidence.

The Ripple Effect:  How Do We Pass Down Our Feelings Of Confidence

The Ripple Effect: How Do We Pass Down Our Feelings Of Confidence

  • Navigating the Fundraising Process

I have been approached by individuals who have asked to partner with my website as well as investing in the website.  Navigation of these ideas is a constant topic running around in my head!

  • Power Dynamics

The two speakers were executives at Estée Lauder – Jane Hertzmark Hudis and John Demsey.  They have been working together for over 15 years!  I was fascinated to see the dynamics {Jane is a very confident woman} on stage.

  • The Serial Entrepreneur – Making the Leap

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, one of the founders of Gilt Groupe, just launched another start-up, GlamSquad and spoke about the fundraising process for both companies, the confidence she has gained as a well-known entrepreneur, and lessons learned along the way.

WIE stands for Women, Inspiration and Enterprise and launched in 2010. Their mission is to provide a platform for this generation’s women leaders to inspire and empower the next generation.

The event was organized by Dee Poku, a former Hollywood studio executive who worked at Paramount Pictures and Focus Features. The event was held in the Dolce Vita showroom in the Puck Building. The view was fantastic looking over Houston! The space is 6,000 square feet on the seventh-floor and has a ballroom with arched windows on three exposures and five skylights.

Puck Building

Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to meet other female entrepreneurs and I will definitely attend the event next year!