What Will Replace ‘sNice Soho?

What Will Replace ‘sNice Soho?

I wrote about cafe/sandwich shop ‘sNice closing on March 7th, 2014.  A month, later, I searched the database at Agorafy, a website that shows retail and commercial listings.  ‘sNice’s old outpost, 150 Sullivan Street, is listed for a hefty $15,000 per month!  That’s a lot of coffee and sandwiches you have to sell if it stays a quick service restaurant.

150 Sullivan Listing

The listing says the ground floor is 900 square feet and the basement is 1,800 square feet.  That’s a lot of space for something cool.  I wonder what will replace ‘sNice?

In 2010, EaterNY called the block on Sullivan Street that used to house ‘sNice part of a “bizarre cafe explosion on Sullivan Street“.  Seems to me that this is the first wave of transition for this street.  Cafes will be replaced by higher-end restaurants and bars, like Navy which recently opened up across the street in February 2014.

If rents are raising on this block, hopefully my laundromat, West Lake Laundromat, won’t be closing.  They have already raised their wash n’ fold services from $1 a pound to $1.10 a pound last month up to $1.25 a pound this month.

As an aside, the broker is Martin V Herzog Management, who doesn’t have the best online reputation:

Trying to do business with Martin V Herzog Management was a real pain. They worked hard to make sure they e better end of a deal and didn’t put much effort into making interactions pleasant

I have just been informed my landlord is not allowing me to renew my lease. They need to “”renovate”” my apt. which was “”fully renovated”” (as per our lease agreement) prior to us moving in last year. Essentially, they are kicking us out to rent it for more money and charge ANOTHER broker fee.

They probably wanted more $$ that ‘sNice wasn’t able to afford.  It will be interesting to see what takes the place of this famed Soho establishment.