Is ZocDoc Leaving Soho? Not Yet ‘Real Deal’ – New Flag On Broadway!

In February 15th, The Real Deal wrote that Zocdoc is looking for more office space, implying they will be leaving Soho.  This morning, I was notified that Zocdoc is “claiming their turf” and a new flag now waves above Broadway and Prince.

zocdoc soho

Zocdoc changed its logo and their new logo is now outside of 568 Broadway.  They even released a time-lapse video of the flag raising:

zocdoc logo

Zocdoc is calling their new logo “Zee”

More information is below:

Zee is the new mark of Zocdoc – a line drawing of a dynamic letter Z and two eyes that evokes an always-changing patient face. Far from the authoritative common design systems across healthcare (mostly Staffs of Asclepius, crosses, shields and trees) Zee is friendly, optimistic and, most of all, reflective of an empowered patient.

  • The color palette is optimistic.

Healthcare has the blues, quite literally. The stalwarts of medicine over-index on the blue and green side of the color wheel. With this rebrand, Zocdoc is taking the bright spot of optimistic and warm yellow.

  • Losing the capital D.

Far from the unremarkable two-tone, two-weight Helvetica stamp (cost $80) that marked Zocdoc for its first eight years, the new word mark simplifies the company’s identity by dropping the capital D and leaves no confusion about what a Zoc is.

  • Cleaner search.

A horizontal homepage search bar brings the Zocdoc user experience in line with familiar horizontal search.