Soho Strut is making *community* a common thought. We believe in order to maintain the unique community feel of SoHo, a robust network should exist.
Soho Strut is a network that connects SoHo-based business owners, retail managers and residents through a robust online community and monthly & quarterly meetups.
Soho Strut promotes local businesses and the unique charm of New York Citys SoHo district via business interviews and reviews, as well as special events that bring together the neighborhood business community.
Soho Strut continues to develop to become a platform for the online and offline SoHo community; providing a direct line for business owners in SoHo to talk to each other, work with each other, and ultimately strengthen their businesses.


People: Inspire people to be the best they can be by creating and promoting educational & recreational programs for local residents

Portfolio: Create a large network of retail store managers and local business owners to create to actively engage residents, tourists and employees

Partners: Develop strong partnerships with landlords, retailers and commercial tenants to create mutual value.

Planet: Promote local non-profits and brands that promote healthy lifestyles to support the local community.

Profit: Create wealth within the SoHo community utilizing SMART goals with a purpose

Productivity: Be a highly effective, easy to communicate with & adaptable organization.


We support the local community by actively volunteering in organizations (ACE, Bowery Mission, Elizabeth Street Garden, God’s Love We Deliver, and GVSHP)

We create ongoing win-win partnerships with local businesses

We create and promote educational programs for local residents

We believe we can shape the local community and reduce political barriers

We believe we can leverage collective efforts

We believe we can be down to earth and approachable yet highly effective

We believe small businesses are equally important than large businesses


Building a community means connecting people who live and work in a neighborhood and connect them to businesses and restaurants

Over the past 14 months, Soho Strut has served as a bridge to discover, network and connect the dots between these lines

Create a robust network of business owners, retail managers and residents.