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Sep 27, 2018 | BY sohostrut Pop Culture

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Cadillac Is Strutting Out Of Soho

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the brand is moving its headquarters back to Detroit Michigan.  “Manhattan’s Cadillac House will remain open “until longer-term brand plans are in place,” the statement said. Cadillac House is a showroom of sorts that touts the brand and its cars while also serving as a public space for events, concerts and collaborative partnerships. ”

Cadillac was never the biggest supporter of our community, but they were one of the first retail tenants to take ownership over “West Soho” around four years ago.  I have tried asking to “PARTNER” with them for events & other fundraising efforts since they moved here and they have always shied away.

SUMMARY: Cadillac got more out of using the allure and appeal of the Soho neighborhood than Soho received from Cadillac during the four years they were here.

Detroit News also reported that “Cadillac moved to New York four years ago in search of a new start for a brand that was failing to appeal to a new generation of luxury buyers — and to create distance between GM’s luxury marque and its mainstream siblings.”

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