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Clean Up Soho Update!

To address increasingly unsightly and unhealthy trash and litter in SoHo, an ad hoc group of residents and stakeholders – @CleanUpSoHo – initiated a dialogue with DSNY and other public officials to identify short- and long-term solutions to this growing problem. Our near-term objectives include:

(1) Replacing approximately 100 existing/missing small wire mesh baskets with sturdy, high-capacity 45-gallon receptacles approved by DSNY through their Sponsor-A- Basket program. In addition to an anti-litter message, logos on the baskets will acknowledge both DSNY and the Sponsor. The total cost per basket including logo and shipping costs is $1,500. To date, DSNY has approved 28 basket locations; the first 18 are expected in early December. The second batch of 10 baskets is expected to arrive approximately 8 weeks later.

How to participate in the Sponsor-A- Basket Program:
1. Choose a corner(s) where you want to place a sponsored basket
2. Send Photo and/or Digital Image of your proposed logo and “eco friendly” message
3. Mail the above along with a check payable to “NYC Strut Corporation: @CleanUpSoHo” (Memo Line: Trash Basket) to Danielle Nazinitsky, NYC Strut Corporation, 131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012.

(2) Negotiating a street/gutter-sweeping contract with a third-party organization to maintain clean streets, corners and gutters. Thanks to a City Council Grant of $60,000 awarded through Margaret Chin’s office along with personal contributions earmarked for street cleaning, Wildcat Service Corporation will begin cleaning the streets bordered by Houston, Mercer, Canal and Thompson. Wildcat began cleaning our streets and servicing existing trash baskets in early November.

How to contribute to Wildcat Services Street Cleaning:
1. Ask your landlord, co-op/condo board to pledge an annual donation or pool your own money with that of like-minded friends to support street cleaning.
2. Mail a check payable to “NYC Strut Corporation: @CleanUpSoHo” (Memo Line: Street Cleaning) to Danielle Nazinitsky, NYC Strut Corporation, 131 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012.

Rather than relying on an increasingly transient retail constituency, @CleanUpSoHo has begun raising funds from various neighborhood sources, including co-op/condo associations, landlords and building managers. Funds are collected under the tax-exempt umbrella of NYC Strut Corporation, a 501c-3 corporation, which has established a segregated account dedicated to the @CleanUpSoHo Neighborhood Project. Sponsors and donors will receive annual accounting statements, as well as a letter of acknowledgement suitable for tax filing.
Longer term, we plan an outreach program in cooperation with DSNY to educate property owners and commercial entities about DSNY laws and regulations regarding proper trash disposal, recycling guidelines, collection schedules, commercial cartage, etc.

For Further information, please contact either Danielle Nazinitsky (330) 936-7928 or Dianne Mendez

(917) 817-8758.

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