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Clean Up New York Launch Event!



Clean up Chelsea launched in October 2018 in collaboration with Clean up Soho of NYC Strut Corporation.

The goal of Clean Up Chelsea is to create a clear line of communication between community groups and organizations and city departments that oversee clean initiatives including the city council, department of sanitation, and NYC parks.

Our first effort is to help oversee & replace wired cans across Chelsea with a newly designed and more efficient cans. This is in part of discretionary funding provided by NYC Council speaker Corey Johnson’s office.

A second effort includes pushing for increased supplemental street cleaning services in areas that are underserved.

Clean Up Chelsea covers the Chelsea area spanning from 14th St-30th St/6th Ave-10th Ave. By Spring 2019, Clean up Chelsea’s goal is to have replaced the top 50 problem cans in the area and by Summer 2019, have replaced the remaining 85 cans by working with the DSNY.

With the power of the community and its residents, we can make change in Chelsea and in New York City.