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I am 1 In 10 People Who Would NEVER Recommend LegalZoom

I have to say it – LegalZoom is the biggest waste of time and money.  I spoke recently with two of the customer service representatives – Carmen and Kevin Zimmerman – out of the Austin, Texas customer service center.  Kevin Zimmerman is the WORST!

I chose to write a post on this to help others and deter anyone for applying for a trademark through LegalZoom.  Instead, you should go to the US Patents and Trademark website and do it yourself, which would save you over 50%.

Reasons why LegalZoom is the worst:

  • I received a call from the US Patents and Trademark department over the weekend that my application was filed incorrectly and should call LegalZoom and ask for a refund.  I asked for a refund, citing 4 reasons, and was not granted a refund.
  • They claim they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee but they DON’T

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  • I paid LegalZoom $510 in September to trademark “Soho Strut” after Head & Shoulders used “Strutting in SoHo”.  It took 5 months to get my trademark approved through LegalZoom.  I took a screenshot of the multitude of emails that were exchanged asking for my clarification.
  • They make in impossible to comply with their satisfaction guarantee by taking your money at the beginning of the process and waiting to file until after the 60 day window

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  • Not only did it take 5 months, but the US Patent & Trademark Office told me I could have just paid $275 to file my own trademark myself and walked me through their internal system, which is easier to understand than LegalZoom.
  • They don’t save time or money

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  • The website says “a registered trademark will help expand the protection of your brand nationwide.”  I discovered that I should have also filed another class, and the class I filed didn’t include the necessary details to protect my brand.
  • LegalZoom does not protect your brand.  

Feel free to talk to Kevin directly and see how unhelpful and unprofessional he is at (866) 679-2106 X7731.

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May 4, 2015 | BY sohostrut Uncategorized


May 4, 2015 | BY sohostrut Uncategorized